Maximizing security with 24x7 Remote Monitoring Service

Sunil Rao, National Head, Zicom Electronic Security System | Friday, 31 March 2017, 06:44 IST

The Indian retail industry is on a roll. The country is the fifth largest retail market in the world. The market size of Indian retail industry was around $ 500 billion (Source: IBEF) in 2013. It is expected to grow at the rate of 15-20 percent p.a. The retail industry is all set to grow between $ 750-850 billion by 2015 (according to a report by Deloitte). Retailing has played a major role all over the world by increasing productivity across a wide range of consumer goods and services. While in the affluent and developed countries, the organized retail industry accounts for almost 80 percent of the total retail trade, however in India, organized retail trade accounts for merely 8-10 percent. This highlights the scope for further penetration of organized retail in India.

Safety & Security

With the increase in India’s retail outlets, the number of thefts and burglaries are also increasing. Retail stores are facing a heightened need for superior security. So, such a booming industry must be safeguarded to sustain growth, employment opportunities and significant contribution to India’s GDP as it generates revenue to the national exchequer.

Security solutions providers now offer a single, integrated security system to address major challenges faced by the retail industry. Their solutions are designed to prevent thefts and frauds, safeguard assets and resources, reduce costs and boost profitability and increase comfort and convenience for the customers.

Preventing Thefts & Frauds

Theft and fraud prevention can make significant difference to a business. Shrinkage alone costs the retail businesses billions of rupees each year. Therefore it is very essential to ensure that every transaction is complete and legitimate. To accomplish this, security solution providers have come out with video surveillance through alarms and point-of-sale exception alerts, which reduce shrinkage and cash theft - protecting assets whilst boosting profitability.

Over 35 percent of stock losses are caused by theft and fraud by staff. So, the security system nowadays ensures that only authorized personnel can get admission to restricted areas and they do not abuse their privileges by stealing or admitting unauthorized personnel. Thus security and access control solutions are integrated with IT systems that store information into database, such that apart from improving security they also eliminate the possibility of duplicate data entry. These solutions link different systems to identify security glitches.

Efficiency & Productivity

To reduce costs and improve productivity whilst maintaining high levels of customer service, some leading security solution providers now offer latest technology to monitor and record every area of retail premises. Its intelligent video analytics help to identify trends, exceptions and training requirements; monitor traffic flow; and help in providing simple footfall data. The solutions work seamlessly with other security and business systems, increasing their effectiveness and reducing operating costs. Also, they provide 24X7 monitoring systems, fire alarm system, time and attendance management system through biometric which are remotely monitored by their respective Command and Control Centers.

(Footfalls in the retail outlets are a vital factor. The more the foot fall, the more the opportunities that help improved sales.) 

Security Solutions companies with their software analytics furnish data on number of trails in retail stores on a real-time basis. Indian companies can also gauge the impact of their advertisement campaigns with the increased pace in their retail stores on the same day or the subsequent days.

Trail Blazer

A leading security solution provider has come up  with a novel initiative called Security as a Service (acronymed ‘SaaS’) by offering affordable security services to every segment including the retail industry without customers having to own or manage the security system. This trail blazing initiative has been hailed by people in all walks of society. SaaS provides security services in an affordable manner, using the power on internet with cloud computing technology. Hundreds of retail outlets have benefited from SaaS initiative.

Range of Security

The Security Solution Companies offer a variety of retail security solutions such as access control, electronic article surveillance (EAS), video surveillance, remote viewing, video analytics, intrusion and fire monitoring, secure communication terminal, shop security system, intruder detection, transaction data with stored video recordings et al. These services which were hitherto thought to be impossible have been made a daily necessity owing to the power of internet and cloud computing.    

Customers often expect improved and integrated in-store experiences and it’s the paramount duty of the security solution providers to make the place more safe, secure and convenient by deploying latest technologies. Since retail stores have invested heavily our objective is to protect their properties from any loss, theft or damage through our cutting edge security solutions. We also ensure high productivity and profitability of the retail outlet.