REDVision Technologies - Introducing the Powerof Consolidationof Wealth Management and Financial Planning

Zahiruddin Babar, CEO & Co-Founder & Abhishek Parihar, CFO & Co-Founder | Wednesday, 21 June 2017, 06:15 IST

The Wealth Management market in India which is still at its nascent stage is being confronted with a number of challenges such as obstructive regulatory environ­ments, lack of finance literacy among the target population and establishing a physi­cal presence to build client relationships. Converting these challenges into opportunities, Indore headquar­tered REDVision Technologies is a FinTech company offering wealth management ERP for financial plan­ners, cs and corporate in India.

In India, currently, financial intermediaries face a lot of obstacles because of lack of availability of an In­tegrated Application for all Asset Classes. Due to this, they have to maintain different applications of various technology providers which consequently lead to ineffi­ciency and data duplication. This major pain point drove the company to develop the financial planning software platform in 2006. Being the first cloud platform in India with multi asset management, REDVision enjoys the first mover advantage to launch comprehensive Finan­cial Planning with Wealth Management. “The advantage of our platform is the consolidation and user friend li­ness. Our major focus is on making the complex things simple and in an easily understandable format. We have a separate department which works on innovation and thinks out of the box with our biggest strength being our thought process i.e. ‘Our Success Depends on mak­ing our Customers Successful’”, says Zahiruddin Babar, CEO & Co-founder, REDVision.

Building Reputation from Ground Zero

In 2006, while working with top management team of India's biggest National Distribution house, the found­ers Zahiruddin Babar and Abhishek Parihar, realized the absence of wealth management platform for IFAs in In­dia. REDVision earned its reputation as game changer from the very first day by pioneering India's first wealth management online platform. The company was first of its kind to incorporate financial planning software in the same. These stances by REDVision in the market transformed the organization into a brand renowned for its innovations, user-friendly software and prompt after-sales services. REDVision’s flagship service empowers its clients to be a part of continuous development while also to relish the bliss of affordable price, which in turn supplements its brand value. Highly celebrated for its in-house online Wealth Management Software named Wealth eOffice, the company empower the financial advisor to serve high net-worth investors by providing in-depth reports, comprehensive financial planning, lead generation and auto MF file uploading. This award winning platform adheres to international standard and has successfully secured close to two million investors across the globe.

The team's exposure in software implementation and product range starts from Wealth Management Soft­ware ERP system called Wealth eOffice, currently be­ing used by more than 1500+ CFPs and MF Advisors across 300+ cities in India. In turn, these advisors are providing professional advisory services to 17,00,000+ satisfied Online Portfolio users across the globe making Wealth eOffice one of India's largest wealth manage­ment software providers in India. The company’s prod­uct portfolio is rich with similar offerings like finan­cial website development, financial tickers and financial planning software.

Products and QA to Leave no Stones Unturned

Working for Financial Advisor/Distributors as their technology partner, REDVision has empowered advi­sors with online transaction facility in the platform by partnering with leading exchange players like BSE and NSE. To change the mindset of investor towards investment the company has launched GOAL GPS system which allows an ad­visor to map invest­ments of clients with goals such as child education, marriage, and retirement. This enabled investors to take decisions based on goal achievement strategy rather than the market ups and downs. The customer demand centric approach of REDVision has earned the company reputed clients with the interest to support the company’s platform in becoming the best wealth management platform in the competitive global market.

"Red Vision earned its reputation as game changer from the very first day by pioneering India's first wealth management online platform"

Additionally, the essential factor, Quality Assur­ance, involves the entire development process from monitoring and improving the process, affirming that the standards and procedures followed are agreed-upon to ensuring that bottlenecks are identified and dealt with. REDVision deploys a dedicated team to ensure that all the client deliverables go through rigorous test­ing rounds. Before a project reaches the testing stage it goes through a number of checks by the concerned developers.

The usage of checklists along with the well designed test cases ensures that defects involving mechanics, lan­guage, ID, coding, functionality are thoroughly checked and rectified.

Having successfully launched more than 1200 web­site with 100 percent client satisfaction, REDVision intends to provide seamless client on boarding, reduc­tion of bounce rate of visitors by engaging in sophis­ticate financial calculators, financial health checkup and risk profiling. With 1500+ leading Distributors, 17+ lakhs online investors, presence in 300+ cities and support team of 70 employees, REDVision’s plat­form is being put to use in 90+ countries. While the company focuses to hit the Indian capital market with IPO in upcoming three years, REDVision is flooded by demands for wealth management products from South East Asia, Middle East, Africa, European and American countries.